4 Crucial Components of Any Online Course [INFOGRAPHIC]

Designing an online course can seem daunting. For some it is a new mode of teaching and there is always new technology to consider. In order to simplify the process, below are four crucial components to consider when creating a course.

1. Structure – An online course must have an intuitive and clear structure. Students need to be we aware of course expectations and understand how to navigate in the Learning Management System (LMS).

2. Content Delivery – With numerous methods of delivery available in an online setting, it is important to carefully select appropriate tools for each lesson. Learn how and when to effectively use different tools and apply them as necessary.

3. Break Down Barriers – Do not let physical distance interfere with student interaction. Assign students to collaborate and complete a creative assessment.

4. Ensure Functionality – When designing an online course, keep in mind different technical and aesthetic aspects that come into play. Be sure that all links are active and that material is easily accessible to students.

Check out this infographic from E-Learning Infographics to discover tips and take these concepts into reality.


Source: eLearningInfographics.com

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