Why Visuals are Vital [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online education has drastically evolved over time. What began as simple correspondence courses has developed into a rich, interactive learning experience which has completely reformed the world of education.

While early online courses were largely text based, today’s technology opens the door for instructors to teach via many forms of media. At first glance, such a change from traditional teaching methods of gleaning from text might seem like an unnecessary leap. However, research has proven that it is worthwhile to include visuals in curricula not only because modern students are used to viewing multimedia but also because brains process visuals faster than they process text.

Check out this infographic below from Allencom.com to learn more about why it is important to include visuals in any lesson.

Boosting Learner Engagement with Rich Media Infographic

Source: E-LearningInfographics.com 

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