Why are Assessments Important in an Online Course?

Assessments are an important aspect of any course. They allow students to interact with information that they learn, enable instructors to check students’ progress, and simply keep the class on track. In online environments, assessments play a crucial role due to the nature of the setup and the need to promote active learning.

In this video, Dr. Melissa Kaulbach of Faculty eCommons and Dr. Jeri Nowakowski examine how to best utilize assessments in an online course. They provide tips in moving beyond quizzes and essays and demonstrate how an assessment can cause a student to engage in learning and fully comprehend the subject at hand. In addition, they outline how creative, thought-out assessments can benefit the instructor and assist in creating a collaborative learning community.

To learn more about how effective assessments can change an online course, check out Dr. Melissa Kaulbach’s video below:

Source: Ed Tech Du Jour

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