26 Tips for Using Twitter in the Classroom [INFOGRAPHIC]

An advantage of educational technology is that it allows learning to take place beyond the classroom walls. Whether through email, discussion boards, videos, or articles, there are many opportunities which instructors can use to engage their students.

Twitter, the 140-character messaging program, has transformed communication throughout the world. From the entertainment scene to political campaigning to national revolutions, it has changed the way individuals voice opinions, gather information, and connect to one another. Used by most demographics, it is a quick, free, and easy tool.

Because of its popularity and widespread use, Twitter is a perfect tool for educators who wish to connect with their students and peers. Check out this infographic Fedena.com which outlines from 26 terrific ways, from A-Z, for educators to use twitter. Learn how to use it to correspond with students, engage with other educators, and make a difference in your profession.

26 Effective Ways to use Twitter for Teachers and Educators Infographic

How do you use Twitter?

Source: Fedena.com

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