10 Apps Essential for Students

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We all love it when we can find ways to make studying easier, don’t we? It’s a good thing that students now have access to technological tools that are designed to make school life simpler and less stressful. The number of apps available nowadays is truly overwhelming. Below you’ll find 10 must-have apps aimed to help students conveniently store study materials, manage time, and control their finances.


1) Scribd

Students often have to self-teach outside of the classroom. Scribd, one of the largest online libraries in the world, makes this much easier to do. With millions of scientific books and articles shared by users from all over the world, students can conveniently search for necessary materials using keywords, author names, and titles. Users can create their own library of books for later access, and even share them with others. Furthermore, Scribd will use your previous searches and reads to suggest additional reading titles.

2) DropBox

Hundreds of course papers and lecture notes are forfeited on a daily basis because of lost flash drives or damaged PCs. Fortunately, DropBox can help with that. Why clog devices with homework when all that and more can be saved easily and conveniently on the cloud? Users can use DropBox to upload documents, presentations, photos, and other files that can then be easily accessed from any computer or device. DropBox also allows users to share files with other students or professors for easy collaboration. Overall, students using DropBox can be confident that all of their data is safe.

3) Dictionary.com

Whether you are studying foreign languages or just need to understand the meaning of certain words better, this resource will help you find the definition for any word in the English, or other, language. Instead of carrying enormous paperback dictionaries in your bag, you will find it extremely useful to have your dictionary.com app always on hand. In addition to word definitions, the app also offers a list of synonyms for each word, a helpful tool when writing long papers or assignments.

4) Evernote

With so many things to do and remember throughout the day, many students’ organizational skills leave much to be desired.  Evernote is one of the most widely-used note-taking apps. With its help, it is possible to take notes, set reminders, create to-do lists, add files, and enable notifications – everything that students need to keep up with school. Its minimalistic interface makes it perfect for use on your smartphone. It even has a camera feature that enables users to capture documents and schedules that can be attached to notes.

5) EasyBib

For a majority of students, the most difficult part of research paper writing is not finding information and putting pen to paper, but preparing the list of citations in the appropriate format and style. EasyBib makes things easier, allowing users to simply input the source title and then providing citation options to choose from. There are over 7,000 citation styles available, including MLA and APA, which are considered to be the most popular. The app also enables users to scan a book’s barcode and get a citation for it. With its help, one of the most annoying parts of writing is done easily.

6) SelfControl

It is not uncommon for students to get easily distracted while studying. They constantly want to share, tweet, post something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or simply see what is going on via social media. To reduce distractions, the SelfControl app allows users to choose to block certain websites for a determined period of time, until an exam period is over or until finished with homework assignments. This app is a great help to those who are always online.

7) Chegg

With Chegg app, students no longer need to spend a fortune on books for each new semester. The app allows users to search for textbooks, and then rent or buy them at a reduced price. When the semester or year ends, students can simply return the books or resell them via Chegg. This eliminates the need to unnecessarily store piles of books at home, and simultaneously helps other students find the books they need.

8) Mint.com

Saving money is something all students struggle with. There are so many things to take care of now that they are away from home. Mint.com’s money-managing app can help students manage their budgets more effectively and show where their money has gone. Better control over finances tends to make students more responsible when it comes to money spending. Hopefully, reasonable budgeting will work for you, too.

9) Indeed Job Search

There always comes a time when students and graduates are willing to make some extra money by working a few hours a day throughout the semester, or full time after college. The Indeed Job Search app enables users to create resumes, look for, and apply for suitable jobs directly from a mobile device. Users can also save job posts and vacancies and subscribe to job updates that will be delivered directly to their email inboxes. The app has a variety of options for students and graduates.

 10) myHomework

I don’t know about you, but I used to have a hard time keeping track of my schedule and when my papers were due. myHomework allows users to keep track of all homework assignments, prioritize tasks, create labels and get notifications for deadlines and due dates. The app also enables users to add the names of professors to each class on their schedules, which gives students a leg up over others who don’t bother remembering teachers’ names.


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