How To Be A Highly Successful Online College Student [INFOGRAPHIC]

When most students hear the word “math” they think of the school subject consisting of repetitive, sometimes confusing, formulas that seem to have no application to their daily lives outside of shopping and cooking. However, Elementary School math teacher, Trisha Baxter, sees things differently. With a strong interest in the field of online education, Ms. Baxter decided to take her daily teaching subject and apply it to e-learning. Using her familiarity with math and the workings of a classroom, Ms. Baxter created a formula that should allow students to more effectively manage their time, work independently, and focus within the confines of a distance learning environment.

Check out this great infographic, a visual representation of the formula, detailing how online college students could more effectively work toward and achieve their goals in the arena of online learning.

Online College Student Success

Source: Online College Plan

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