14 Online Resources & Apps for Dyslexic Students

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Dyslexia, a learning disability characterized by a difficulty with language such as reading, writing, and spelling, can have a negative impact on a person’s ability to study effectively.  Reading and writing is often more difficult for those with Dyslexia.  However, with new technology, online resources and mobile and desktop apps are being created that make it easier for students with dyslexia to get ahead in their studies. Take a look at some great examples of apps that can help those with Dyslexia really excel in their studies.

1- ClaroPDF and ClaroSpeak

Claro’s software helps translate text to speech to make reading easier. Available for iOS, this software also includes useful features such as highlighting, note taking tools, and audio and video annotation.  There is even a tool which enables you to convert PDF text to audio.  Both ClaroPDF and ClaroSpeak also sync with Dropbox so users can access their recordings on the go.

2- NaturalReader

Another text to speech app, NaturalReader, is a back to basics piece of software which includes automatic scrolling for longer documents so users can follow along with the text.  NaturalReader is also able to automatically recognize text on Web pages to make browsing the web easier for individuals with visual impairments or learning disabilities.

3- Co:Writer

Writing can be especially challenging for individuals with dyslexia, who often have problems with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Co:Writer is a keyboard app which predicts the word that the user is going to input based on context and previous word choices.  It is also able to recognize verbal commands, so if a user can’t spell a word, he/she can dictate it to the software which will recognize the word and type it in.

4- Ginger Page

Ginger Page is a spell checking app which goes beyond the basic feature in Word.  Instead of marking individual words, the software can see the context of what you are writing to make its suggestions more accurate.  It will also suggest ways in which a user can rephrase text in order to make it clearer.

5- Google Keyboard

Going back to basics, the Google Keyboard feature on Google devices offers dictation and word prediction, and also features a spell checker which can easily be enabled.  These features are built into many Android devices.

6- Keeble Keyboard

If you want to go beyond Google Keyboard’s basic features, Keeble Keyboard is a smarter piece of software which will keep track of the words you type and use that information to provide audio feedback, automatic word completion and next and multi-word prediction.

7- Spell Better

Spell Better is a word processer which is intended to make typing easier by predicting words as you type. This means users do not have to worry about spelling, and is Useful for those who are busy and don’t want to worry about learning and improving.  Spell Better helps get writing done, fast.

8- Easy Word Count

Easy Word Count enables users to keep track of their writing by automatically providing the word and character count in a document. This is useful for students who need to keep within certain parameters when planning their writing.  It can also help users structure their academic work.

9- Citeitin

Citeitin is a great website that provides full citations in multiple writing styles. Users can simply input their sources or information, and they will be provided with the correct references and citations in the designated writing style. This allows users to skip the difficult task of correctly identifying and formatting a bibliography.

10- Type To Learn

Type To Learn is a software which not only makes writing easier, but also can be used to actively improve writing skills and vocabulary knowledge.  It is especially useful for school students, since the tool can be set to gage and change the level of difficulty level.  With ten minutes per day, users of Type To Learn see a significant improvement in their typing.

11- Flashcards Deluxe

Using flashcards online instead of making them on paper is especially useful for dyslexic students. This can allow users to provide text-to-audio capabilities within a flashcard format to make learning easier.  Flashcards Deluxe is a multi-featured app which allows users to create flashcards with more than two sides if necessary, and add pictures and audio to the flashcards, as well.  It also integrates with the popular learning app, Quizlet.

12- Notablility

Notablility allows users to take notes in a multisensory way, in order to encourage superior recall and understanding.  Its notes boast rich-text formatting, audio, sketch, highlighting, and attachment capabilities.

13- Quizlet

Quizlet is an online resource which can be used by students and teachers to either create or acces sets of flashcards on a range of topics. Users can create their own study flashcards or can use others that have been made available by other users.  Quizlet ‘gamifies’ learning, and makes it fun and motivating for students who have difficulty in a more conventional learning environment.

14- Inspiration Maps

Inspiration Maps appeals to visual learners who find it helpful to map out their writing. This app contains extensive audio and visual features, making it the perfect software for users with dyslexia.  It also includes pre-made templates for those users who may need a bit of help to start.

Author’s bio: Sharon Conwell has worked as a content manager and ghost writer on over 20 online projects. Now, she is a part-time educator and an editor, specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. Feel free to contact her via LinkedIn.

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