YouTube in the Classroom- Bridging the Gap between Summer and School

With the school year now underway and classes beginning to take on a daily pattern, teachers are struggling to bridge the gap between the activities in which children participated over the summer and classroom lessons.  How can that be done without having students running around, swimming, or playing sports?  One great way of grabbing students’ attention away from summer and acclimating them to the new school year is by integrating the technology in which they are immersed into the class curriculum.  Since students are no longer at home and able to watch television on whim, teachers could use visual aids to their advantage and start integrating videos into the classroom.

In a May 2016 article titled “Harnessing the Power of YouTube in the Classroom”, author and speaker Monica Burns discusses how YouTube can be used for “so much more than music videos and clips of animals doing tricks”. She explains that the key to effectively using YouTube in the classroom is:

  • Finding the “Right” Videos
  • Accessing Content
  • Exploring Virtual Reality
  • Sharing Student Work

For details and more information on how instructors can use YouTube to their benefit inside and outside of the classroom, see Burns’ article on


Source:, by Monica Burns


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