6 Online Tools for Building Interactive Charts


Want to impress your students with the magnitude of world hunger? Powerfully convey the ups and downs of economic trends? Visually depict the major events of the 18th century?

Use these online tools to easily and quickly create great looking charts, timelines, and diagrams for your course materials:

  1. Hohli’s Online Chart Builder – for creating line charts, bar charts, pie charts, venn diagrams, scatter plots, and radar charts.
  2. amCharts – for creating column, bar, line, area, pie, donut, scatter, bubble, radar, polar and stock charts. HTML code can be generated for embedding your chart into a website.
  3. Google Charts – for creating interactive charts in a variety of forms.
  4. Dipity – for creating interactive timelines.
  5. Gliffy – for creating diagrams and flow charts.
  6. Tableau Public – for creating interactive data visualizations and maps.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even put all your charts together into a colorful and cohesive infographic using these infographic-building tools.

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