3 Ways to Use Augmented Reality for Learning

Augmented Reality is the ability to display multimedia, information, or 3D models as an overlay on top of our view of the real world.

Here are 3 videos that explain how augmented reality can be used for learning:

  1. Create interactive textbooks with pop-up multimedia.

    Augmented Reality for Education – a Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology 2006 Computer Systems and Networking batch Final Year project.
  2. Experiment with physics concepts, understand the deep layers of the earth, visualize detailed 3D anatomy diagrams.

    Augmented Reality for Contextual Learning in Schools & Higher Education by SIfyInnovations.

  3. Visualize the 3D structure of molecules, join atoms, or break molecules apart.

    Augmented reality with chemistry, molecule structuring by Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

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