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Top 6 Flashcard Creation Tools for College Students

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Using flashcards is a popular way to learn new terms or a foreign language. By reviewing your set of of cards over and over again, the information becomes ingrained in your memory so you won’t forget it.

Here are 6 online flashcard-creation tools that let you create your own flashcards, or learn a pre-existing set of cards:

Engage and Assess Students with the Nearpod App


Nearpod is an app that allows teachers to create interactive presentations that incorporate student input. After downloading the Nearpod app, teachers can create presentations and add opportunities for interactivity. The slides of the presentation can include images, videos, live web…

Create Interactive Learning Maps with Edynco

Are your online students getting lost trying to figure out which assignments to do first, and how the different parts of the course material relate to each other?

Consider creating a learning map to help your students feel grounded as they move through the course material. Learning maps are a great way to help students focus and remember what they learned.

Add Interactivity to Video Lectures with eduCanon

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Want to prevent the “zone out” effect for students watching your video lectures online?

Try using eduCanon to keep your students awake and actively engaged. eduCanon is an online tool that allows professors to easily add questions at key points during video lectures. Simply upload a screencast, YouTube video, or Vimeo video to the eduCanon site, and choose where you want to insert the questions.

VoiceThread: Allowing for Asynchronous Conversations

A powerful way to make course content more meaningful is through class discussions, allowing students to share thoughts, voice opinions, and connect with each other.

But in an asynchronous course, when students are not online at the same time, how can they engage in discussions together?