How to Start Curating Content

Stack of bindersContent curation is a way of collecting online resources in an organized manner and then effectively sharing them with a chosen audience.

The amount of valuable information online can at times seem overwhelming. Curate those materials to best take advantage of everything that the internet has to offer. This technique allows professors to strategically keep track of all interesting digital discoveries and easily retrieve them to use as course material.

Fortunately, there are many free, easy-to-use tools available to facilitate the process.

Here are six great tools to help you organize your online classroom:

Bundlr – create bundles of online resources which can be shared and embedded on websites.

Delicious – build a personal search engine composed of saved links.

Diigo – store information in a personal library with the opportunity to annotate and collaborate.

Evernote – gather resources with Web Clipper, share and access on any computer or mobile device.

Pinterest – pin pictures, articles, and videos onto virtual bulletin boards. To learn more, click here.

TheHubEdu – organize information on “shelves” to share with others.

Which tool works best for you?

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