Engage and Assess Students with the Nearpod App


Nearpod is an app that allows teachers to create interactive presentations that incorporate student input.

After downloading the Nearpod app, teachers can create presentations and add opportunities for interactivity. The slides of the presentation can include images, videos, live web pages, as well as assessment tools like quizzes, polls, drawings, and free-text responses. Responses from all assessments are sent back to teacher to analyze and can give feedback.

When used in the classroom, Nearpod allows the teacher to control the flow of the presentation: As the teacher moves from one slide to the next, the slides automatically advance on the students’ iPads, too. In addition, Nearpod’s “homework” feature allows students to progress through the slides at their own pace. All assessments completed in the homework slides are then submitted to the teacher.

Why use Nearpod?

  • Instead of presenting a large Powerpoint presentation on a faraway screen, every student can now view and interact with the teacher’s presentation close-up on their own iPad.
  • Students will be kept awake during class if they must answer questions throughout the lecture and stay involved.
  • Assessments can be incorporated directly within or at the end of the presentation.
  • Professors can see in real-time how well students understood the material, or hear students’ opinions through live polls.
  • Nearpod creates a collaborative learning environment, in which students feel highly engaged with their learning.

Nearpod is available on iOS, Android, and the Web.

Watch the videos below to better understand how the Nearpod app works:

Get engaged with Nearpod from Nearpod on Vimeo.

New lessons with Nearpod from Nearpod on Vimeo.

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