Is your Classroom “Pinterest” Piqued?

Pinterest, the web-based social networking service that allows users to collect, store, and share images and information using “Pins” and “Boards”, is known for its use in the fashion, arts, and cooking industries. However, the app is not limited to personal and at-home use. Like any other social media, Pinterest could have a great impact on Higher Ed learning, both in and out of the classroom.

Whether using the app online or on an iPad or mobile device, Pinterest can allows students and teachers to collaborate on group projects, share both interesting and relevant course information, create new resources, save important links, and more!  This free application also allows users to make purchases directly from the site, or create and publish new content without using physical storage space. With quick, easy, and FREE access wherever there is internet access, Pinterest could be a great tool both in and out of the classroom.

Take a look at this great Infographic from for more information on the role that Pinterest plays in the classroom and how Professors and Students can use this great app to enhance their learning experiences.


Professors, Peers, and Pinterest
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