Goodbye School, Hello Creative Expression!… Or not?

Now that the Fall school semester has OFFICIALLY come to an end, it’s time to blow the dust off of those creative thoughts and ideas you kept pushing aside while doing all of your other classwork and put them to good use. But, all of that sitting and studying and focusing on subjects like microbiology and Russian literature may have had more of an impact that you thought, because now you just can’t seem to actually formulate or get out those millions of ideas  that you didn’t have time to contemplate when you had other work to do. It drives you nuts, like an itch you can’t reach to scratch, almost like a writer’s block. Wait, that’s it- you’ve got a creativity block! But it’s winter break! And school starts up again in less than a month! So, what can you do to break down that wall and tap into the genius you know is waiting there to be put to good use?

Take a look at this great infographic from titled “40 Little Things You Can Do To Break Your Creative Block”. Try out some of these tips and see if you can succeed in releasing your inner brilliance.

40 Little Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block


For more information, see the full article here.



40 Little Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block, by Kate England.


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