Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Education of Children

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Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds and today, it has become an integral part of all of our lives. The entire world functions based on technology and many are looking towards further progress to make life increasingly convenient. The influence that technology has, has also seeped into the education arena. Virtual learning has become extremely famous these days with regards to education. Years ago, this was unheard of, and today, thanks to technology, online learning is possible and this strategy is something that every educational institute tries to follow.

Laptops, computers and smartphones are the most common technological devices being used in classrooms while teaching. And though these devices may serve as a source of distraction, under teachers’ supervision and if the student is disciplined enough, students are sure to reap the benefits. The biggest advantage is that the internet has an infinite amount of information about anything and everything.

This also extends beyond schools, whereby tuition centers also use technology as much as possible to make sure their lessons are engaging and effective in communicating the topic to their students. Tuition centers make it a point to constantly upgrade themselves and they have learnt to change their teaching methods for adaptation in order to thrive as a business and to provide quality service. One of the biggest reasons for the organic change in teaching style and method over the past two decades, is the rise in the importance of technology.

Everything has become digitalized and the children’s attention span has decreased over time. These days, we are able to book a ticket with a single click, send a text message within seconds, and swipe to take a look at your next potential soulmate. Technology has decreased the time being “wasted” and has increased our impatience (this is one of the key disadvantages of technology in this era).

In order to keep students engaged with constant stimulation and eradicate boredom, one of the best ways is to teach them through the medium that they are most familiar with since birth, and that is, via technology. Whether we like it or not, technology has become an integral part of all of our lives and kids these days say that they feel rather disabled without their gadgets around them.

Technology encourages the use of real-world problems in the classroom as well. This enables students to be adventurous in finding out about the various problems that exist around them and this will motivate them to find innovative solutions. By using the Internet, students can research real issues happening at that moment within the classroom environment and participate in classroom discussions. This leads to students being critical thinkers, and this is a quality that is much needed and relevant in this day and age.

Students certainly create online groups, Web pages, and virtual communities which enables them to be connected to various kinds of people who are knowledgeable, all around the world. Within a small group with teachers and students together, students can pose questions or share interesting facts. This will deepen their understanding about concepts and further widen their horizon by learning new concepts as well. Moreover, because it is online, feedback will be instantaneously sent and received as well. By listening to and reading about others’ opinions and feedback, students can refine their thinking process, and the kind of exposure they gain would definitely be invaluable.

One of the most effective ways to teach is by the use visualizers and screens and this is one of the boons of technology, indeed. It gives a theater-like feeling; the dim lights within the classroom setting and the colorful presentation of information gives students a more enjoyable approach towards learning. The traditional classroom rules are broken and a different ambiance and aura is being created. Showing content-driven educational videos will enable information to be stored easily and constructively in the mind and recalling them during exams will be easier.

Another way in which technology is being utilized is through online content-related games or activities. This is not a method that all teachers incorporate into their teaching and hence it is not as prevalent, but this is something that teachers adopt especially when they are trying to engage students who lack the patience to sit in one place and learn (ie. students with very short attention span), and maybe break the ice if it’s an introductory lesson or when new students join the class. Students who are sincere about learning will make good use of the devices they have and will also appreciate the fact that their teachers are utilizing technology to teach as well.


Technology plays a vital role in all of our lives and it certainly holds great significance in the educational journey of our children today (as well as those of future generations). Promoting healthy use of technology is crucial and that way, progress can be made beyond a shadow of doubt.

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