4 Incredible Uses of 3D Printing in Education No One Will Tell You!

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3D printing is an innovative technology that allows users to make real life projections of any digital file. This helps manufacturers achieve high levels of customization, thereby making products that cannot be easily copied. This kind of technology also holds the potential to modernize the education sector by changing learning techniques. With the increased access to 3D printing, students can gain a more in-depth understanding of any subject.

Since technology is one of the pillars of education in the modern era, educators and students are always on a lookout for gadgets and applications that can simplify the learning process or make it more accessible and effective. 3D printing is one such technological invention that has many uses and great potential in the learning process. Here are some examples:

1- Visual Aids

Projectors and screens are useful tools for visual learning in the classroom. However, there are subjects that students cannot understand using the conventional mediums of visual learning and this is where the idea of 3D comes into play.

3D printing presents a new way for teachers to demonstrate to students a more in-depth analysis of the different aspects of a subject. This whole new concept will surely capture their interest more than any PowerPoint presentation.

2- Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is the best way to both teach and assess student skills. Teachers can instruct students to make models of their projects, which can then be created using a 3D printer to see if they hold up.

A great example for biology students involves having each student create a model of a different part of the human body, including the heart, bones, other organs, etc. These objects are usually expensive and hard to find, so a 3D model is a great alternative. This practice can help future medical professionals get a clear understanding of their field before they enter their profession.

3- Work on a Ground-Breaking Project

If a baking student wants to create his own mold for a unique cake or decoration, 3D printing can make that happen! Similarly, students in other fields can easily test out theories and strategies and create original products or maybe even groundbreaking inventions just by using a 3D printer. This would not only motivate students, but would also enhance their problem-solving skills, giving them deeper insights into a particular subject.

4- Brush up on your Knowledge of History and Historical Objects

Not everyone can afford to take an entire class on a trip to study mummies or examine artifacts on an archeological site. Students who study history, archaeology or art are likely to find 3D printing immensely beneficial in their learning process.

With this technology, students and faculty can easily peep into historical objects and drill down the facts that were not known to them. Photographs, books, videos, and even descriptions cannot be a substitute for the inclusive form of learning that 3D printing offers.

Wrapping Up…

Education has long been shaped by technology, and these changes get even better with every passing year. Education technology such as 3D Printing has changed instructional methods for both teachers and students. It has the potential to take the learning process to new heights, where students can learn more in a shorter period of time.

This write-up serves the purpose of informing both educators and learners about the various benefits of 3D printing. If you know more educational uses of 3D printing, let us know in the comments section below.


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