Transcribe and Add Captions to Video Lectures with 3PlayMedia


3PlayMedia offers online services that provide captions, interactive transcriptions, and multi-lingual translations of videos for higher ed.

Videos can be imported directly from popular lecture-capture systems or simply uploaded from a computer or website.

Why transcribe video lectures into text format?

Transcribing online lecture videos into text format makes the text searchable and allows students to easily add bookmarks for later reference. Students can follow along with the lecture at their own pace, instead of having to rewind and fast forward the video when they mis-heard something in the video.

Furthermore, adding captions and transcriptions to videos makes videos accessible and helps universities comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 requirements.

Many higher ed institutions have made use of 3Play Media, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Georgia Tech, Penn State University, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, and Colorado State University.

Learn more about how 3Play Media can be used for education or e-learning.

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