An Essential Guide to Videos for a Flipped Classroom

39267299_sSince 2007, flipped classrooms have gradually risen in popularity as a mode of education throughout the country. Students and teachers alike have embraced the concept of maximizing class time with an instructor to work with and understand new concepts as opposed to introducing material which students are expected to comprehend at home. Instead, students are introduced to ideas during “homework” and complete school work during class when the instructor is available to assist them.

Instructor made videos are a primary way through which faculty “teach” students at home. As opposed to assigning reading about the topic or directing students to online resources, instructor made videos are a fantastic way to instruct students in a personable manner. But many instructors do not know how to create such videos or how to distribute them to their students.

John Bregmann and Aaron Sams, pioneers in the flipped classroom experience, outline simple and easy-to-use video tools in their article, Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Let’s Talk Tech on Popular solutions which they detail include:

  • Screencasting
  • Tablet Software
  • Document Camera-Based Solutions
  • Camera-Based Solutions

For more information and to learn how to improve your flipped classroom check out this article here.

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