Captivate eLearners [INFOGRAPHIC]

All educators know that it is crucial to engage learners. No matter how interesting the subject matter itself might be, it must also be presented and reviewed in a manner which captures the learners’ attention. Traditional classroom teachers have numerous tried and true methods at their disposal to engage their students throughout the lesson. While some of these techniques are specific to a brick-and-mortar classroom, many can be mimicked in the online world.

Check out this great infographic from for more information.

Hook – Introduce a new concept in an exciting and applicable way.

Ask thinking questions – In order to have students interact with the subject on an intellectual level.

Chunk information – Online students learn best when information is presented in small unit. For more information on Content Chunking, click here.

Assess students – Give assignments and quizzes in order to gauge if students are correctly processing and learning the information.

Make it real – Provide stories as examples of the subject matter’s real life value.

Provide self-assessments – In order for students to recognize their grasp of the material.

Make it accessible– Utilize technology which students can access on-the-go.

Differentiate teaching methods – In order to provide a helpful change of pace.

8 Ways to Engage eLearners Infographic


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