Educreations: Creating Interactive Whiteboard Lessons


Educreations is a great tool for creating interactive whiteboard lessons with your iPad or right in your browser. With educreations, you can easily combine pictures, voice, and handwritten annotations to clearly explain the topic of your lesson.

Lessons can be shared with students and colleagues, and can also be embedded in any website.

It’s more interactive than a Powerpoint presentation, but easier to create than a custom animated e-learning module.

The Educreations App is available for free on iTunes.

See these inspiring examples of Educreations below or take a look at some of the Educreations showcased lessons.

Karyotype – Intro to Genetics

Interference and Standing Waves

The Missouri Compromise

Covalent Bonding

Pythagorean Theorem

Elements on the Periodic Table

Graphing Linear Equalities

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