5 Ways to Get a Head Start on Your Online Course


Whether you are taking an online class for the first time or you have taken one before, there are several ways you can get a head start on your course and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Here are 5 smart things to do before your course begins:

  1. Make sure your computer can handle the level of technology required. For example, will you need to use programs that require Adobe Flash or JavaScript? Will you need speakers to hear lectures or participate in virtual meetings with your professor?
  2. Before the class begins, make sure you are able to log on to your LMS. Familiarize yourself with the setup and where the class materials are located so that you wont be disoriented when you have to begin working.
  3. Find out which textbook your class will be using, and buy the textbook before the class starts. There’s nothing worse than being assigned reading and homework that you can’t do because you don’t yet have the textbook!
  4. If you have the textbook in advance, get a head start on the reading. Skim through the textbook to get an idea of what you will be learning over the course of the semester.
  5. In an online course, you will need to manage your own time. Decide in advance which blocks of time you will set aside in your weekly schedule to do your online coursework.

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