What to Expect in 2017

What trends and eLearning advances do you expect to see in 2017? Click here to find out what 14 education and Technology experts foresee as being the “new big thing” in the coming year.

Is your Classroom “Pinterest” Piqued?

Pinterest, the web-based social networking service that allows users to collect, store, and share images and information using “Pins” and “Boards”, is known for its use in the fashion, arts, and cooking industries. However, the app is not limited to personal and at-home use. Click here for a great Infographic from WorldWideLearn.com on the role that Pinterest plays in the classroom and how Professors and Students can use this great app to enhance their learning experiences.

Tips for Using Google to Boost Student Engagement

Google offers powerful tools that make classroom management more effective. In addition, these tools can help teachers promote engagement in the classroom.  Take a look at 7 different tools that can turn the classroom into an attractive learning environment. Read suggestions for implementing these tools and see how easily you can make learning and your classroom more engaging!

Higher Education in the 2016 Presidential Election

With the 2016 Presidential Elections right around the corner, we’ve decided to focus on the upcoming election and how it can, and will, impact education, both for the traditional and online student. Click here to see what each of the 4 Presidential hopefuls are saying about higher education.

Virtual Reality- The New e-Learning Reality

Virtual Reality may seem like a concept out of a science fiction novel, but the technology actually serves a great purpose in both a traditional or online classroom. Click here for more information on how Virtual Reality could transform the ways in which you learn.

10 Apps Essential for Students

Hey Students! Check out this great post by guest blogger, Kevin McNamara and the list of 10 must-have apps aimed to help students better and more conveniently store study materials, manage time, control finances, and more!