The Flipped Classroom: Turning Traditional Education on Its Head [INFOGRAPHIC]

As video lectures become easier for anyone to record and distribute, many teachers are moving away from the traditional classroom model, and instead opting to “flip” their classrooms.

What is the flipped classroom model?

In the traditional classroom model, professors lecture during class time and students work on assignments and homework on their own time, outside of class.

In the flipped classroom model, the structure is reversed – students listen to prerecorded lectures at home, and class time is utilized for discussions, exercises, and question and answer sessions with the professor. Essentially, the teacher’s role in the classroom switches from what Alison King calls a “Sage on the Stage” to a “Guide on the Side.”

Check out this infographic created by Knewton and Column Five Media which explains the concept, history, and driving forces behind the flipped classroom model.

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton

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