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The Rise of Adaptive eLearning

Adaptive eLearning seeks to blend personalized instruction with computer targeting capabilities in order to teach individual students better on a large scale. Learn how this education method emerged and where it might be headed in the future.

What is Rhizomatic Learning?

Rhizomatic learning is a perspective on learning that has been promoted in the past few years by Dave Cormier, a teacher at the University of Prince Edward Island.

In botany, a rhizome is the term used for the stem of a plant, usually found underground, whose roots spread out in many directions. With this image in mind, supporters of rhizomatic learning believe that learning is a multi-dimensional process that has no defined beginning or end. Learning is a complex, chaotic process, in which each student independently chooses his or her own path.

The rhizomatic learning perspective is based on the premise that teachers cannot possibly know or cater to students’ individual needs, interests, and contexts.

Making Sense of Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy

We all know that pedagogy refers to teaching methodologies, but have you ever heard of heutagogy or andragogy?

While pedagogy refers to teaching strategies used for any type of individual (usually children), Andragogy refers to teaching strategies specifically designed for adult learners. The third word, Heutagogy , is the study of self-directed learning.

Gamification in Higher Ed

Games are typically played when taking a break from schoolwork or studying, but in recent years, game-playing has become a part of the learning process itself. As new technologies emerge and online education becomes more popular, an increasing number of…