Rubrics for Assignments in Online Courses


An important aspect of an online course is grading assignments and providing feedback. This is especially true in an asynchronous course where there is no real-time interaction between the instructors and students. Click to learn about how rubrics can enhance your online course.

How to Use Wikipedia for Research

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Wikipedia is a massive and website and it utilized for research across the world. However, since it can be easily edited, it is not safe to use as an academic citation. Click here to learn how students can use it as a safe and academically sound research tool.

Defining Gaming in Education


Gaming is a hot topic in online education. Because of its many different modes, terms are often misused. Click here to learn about the different types of gaming in online education.

Top 9 Ways to Use a Smartphone for School

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Personal digital devices are a mainstay in society. While many studies show that smart phones are a distraction to students and their use yields poorer results in the classroom, students are going to have them even if they might pose a challenge. Click here for 9 clever uses for a smart phone to help enhance your performance in school.

26 Tips for Using Twitter in the Classroom [INFOGRAPHIC]

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An advantage of educational technology is that it allows learning to take place beyond the classroom walls. Whether through email, discussion boards, videos, or articles, there are many opportunities which instructors can use to engage their students. Twitter, the 140-character…

How Polls Can Enhance Your Classroom

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Instructors always want to know what their students are thinking. Unfortunately, this important information often comes too late to create a noticeable impact in the course. Distributing a poll is a solution to this problem.

An Online Course is not a Rubber Band

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Meet Christie. She is a motivated junior majoring in Psychology. Because of her hectic schedule she takes online courses each semester. But what is the best way for her to complete all that she has to do?

Why are Assessments Important in an Online Course?

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Assessments are an important aspect of any course. They allow students to interact with information that they learn, enable instructors to check students’ progress, and simply keep the class on track. In online environments, assessments play a crucial role due…

Main Steps Toward “Like a Boss” Research for e-Learning Students


No matter what your education is, you won’t be able to avoid research projects. You will need to find the information anyway, choose the best ways to find it, know how to evaluate and manage this info, and decide whether to use it for your projects or not. Here are a number of research tips so you can excel in all courses.

Why Visuals are Vital [INFOGRAPHIC]


Online education has drastically evolved over time. What began as simple correspondence courses has developed into a rich, interactive learning experience which has completely reformed the world of education. While early online courses were largely text based, today’s technology opens the…

Survey Reveals Current State of Online Education

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The world of higher education always looks to study trends and data in online learning. Grade Level: Tracking Online Education in the United States by I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman is an annual report published by Babson Survey Research Group.…

Captivate eLearners [INFOGRAPHIC]


All educators know that it is crucial to engage learners. No matter how interesting the subject matter itself might be, it must also be presented and reviewed in a manner which captures the learners’ attention. Traditional classroom teachers have numerous…