Survey Reveals Current State of Online Education

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The world of higher education always looks to study trends and data in online learning. Grade Level: Tracking Online Education in the United States by I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman is an annual report published by Babson Survey Research Group.…

Captivate eLearners [INFOGRAPHIC]


All educators know that it is crucial to engage learners. No matter how interesting the subject matter itself might be, it must also be presented and reviewed in a manner which captures the learners’ attention. Traditional classroom teachers have numerous…

Open Source Textbooks [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Imagine thousands of students acquiring digital versions of their college textbooks. Imagine that each textbook was tailored to precisely suit the exact needs of each course. Now imagine that those textbooks are free.

The Digital Textbook Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The way in which students access information is in a constant state of change. While many students are loyal to traditional textbooks, many seek to use more modern, digital textbooks in their studies. This infographic from outlines different aspects…

Different Routes to a Blended Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As technology enables education to move beyond the classroom, many different combinations of traditional and online learning are emerging. Some courses focus heavily on a face-to-face setting while others primarily rely upon digital platforms. Whatever the case, educators have the opportunity…

The Rise of Adaptive eLearning

Adaptive eLearning

Adaptive eLearning seeks to blend personalized instruction with computer targeting capabilities in order to teach individual students better on a large scale. Learn how this education method emerged and where it might be headed in the future.

7 Tips for Linking Videos to an Online Course

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Everybody loves videos. Whether feature films or short, creative clips, they are viewed as a way to spark interest and take a break from the usual classroom rhythm. Here are seven tips to enhance your use of videos in your online classroom.

The Development of Online Education

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Online education is often thought of as a current phenomenon. However, in reality, this mode of education has been in development for over two centuries. With today’s technology, we are at a monumental juncture in the field. Check out this…

MUSIC Model of Motivation

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All educators know that it is important to motivate students. No matter how exciting or necessary the material, students must be motivated to learn, study, and achieve. Dr. Brett Jones, a professor of education at Virginia Tech, has studied what…

Avoid These 10 e-Learning Design Mistakes


There is a lot to keep in mind when designing an online course. This infographic from outlines 10 mistakes which you should avoid. Below are tips which provide alternative suggestions to counter these mistakes.   Audience – Be sure…

Online Study Skills [VIDEO]

Check out this exciting and helpful video by Sarah-Hahn Winchester of UWG Online about how to effectively apply study skills in an online learning environment.

What is Content Chunking?

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The lecture has been the mainstay of education for centuries. However, with the advent of online education, many educators are choosing to “chunk” the content.