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Education in the 21st Century [INFOGRAPHIC]

As many states have cut education funding in recent years, schools are struggling to find ways to provide a quality education at a lower cost.

The following infographic from TopMastersInEducation.com demonstrates how collaboration and a blended learning strategy can alleviate this education crisis.

Quality Evaluative Feedback [INFOGRAPHIC]

Providing feedback on students’ work is a great opportunity to forge a personal connection with students in online courses.

Check out this infographic created by the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program for tips on how to write effective and personal evaluative comments.

Gamification of Education

Check out this infographic from Knewton.com to learn more about the Gamification of Education. The infographic includes a brief history of gamified learning, an explanation of game elements, and examples of how games be used in schools today.

Infographics in Science Education

When teaching a complex scientific concept, process, or mechanism, consider using an infographic. An infographic is an image containing visual representations of statistics, data, maps, or other information. Infographics are often easier to understand than reading long paragraphs of text.…