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6 Characteristics of Effective Online Courses

This well-developed presentation outlines 6 characteristics of effective online courses: access to technology, clear guidelines and procedures, participation, collaborative learning, transformative learning, assessment and evaluation. Six Characteristics of Effective Online Courses by Christopher T. Davis, Ph.D.

5 Components of the College Experience to Integrate into Online Educational Programs

When enrolled in fully online degree programs, students miss out on key components of the college experience that are integral to their overall educational success.

In a recent article on, Joe Henry points out 5 features of the college experience and explains how to incorporate those features into online degree programs to support student success.

Infographics in Science Education

When teaching a complex scientific concept, process, or mechanism, consider using an infographic. An infographic is an image containing visual representations of statistics, data, maps, or other information. Infographics are often easier to understand than reading long paragraphs of text.…